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Title Investigators Goal
Summer Industrial Projects Program Robert Durkin Rekindle Soph/Jr. MET students' desire to become engineers, promote retention and persistence.
Develop a Rigorous Two-Year Mathematics Degree Janet Dalzell Have 5 students complete their degree by 2013.
Engineering and Technology Alliance for Retention for Multicultural Students Patrick Gee Raise GPAs.  Increase minority retention and accelerate time to graduation.
Transfer Student Recruitment and Support  Terri Talbert-Hatch Teach a learning community at IVYTech.  20 students in June for 1.5 day orientation to increase retention.
Using the Inductive Learning Methodology to Reduce Student Failure Rates in MET Paul Yearling Reduce DFW rates in the course Intro to Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer.
From Studio to Student: e-Mentoring in Computer Graphics Technology Jan Cowan and Dan Baldwin Attract, retain new and existing students.
Improving the Retention of Freshman Engineering Students through Proactive Peer Mentoring. Stanley Chein Increase freshman engineering retention by at least 12%
Enhancing Student Comprehension and Success in Genetics through Recitation Mariah Judd and Brittiney Reese Retain students.
Organic Chemistry Workshop Series Rob Minto, Ryan Denton, and Sarah Wilson
Creating a Physics Learning Space Andy Gavrin


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